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Twinkle Bunny Storybook

Twinkle Bunny Storybook

SKU: 364215376135191

The original hardboard storybook.


The story of Twinkle Bunny tells the tale of a young rabbit who hops out of her hole for the very first time, full of wonder and intrigue. In her excitement, she hops and hops and hops as far as she can see, and learns the value and importance of friendship in helping her return safely back to the garden for tea. 

The book is dedicated to one of the characters 'Indi' the friendly horse who lived in the garden at the time of writing, and had a long and happy life

there along with the family of bunnies who lived in a burrow

next to his stable.

I hope your little one enjoys the tale and makes lots of

friends along the way too.

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