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About Us

Twinkle Bunny and all of her friends and family live in our garden in England, which gave us the inspiration for our first book 'Twinkle Bunny'.

We are two sisters; an author and an illustrator who came together to tell the tales of animals we encountered, bringing them to life with the most beautifully illustrated drawings.

The Author

The Illustrator


When my son was a little baby, he really enjoyed the black and white images in books and moving between pages of colour and non-colour when we started reading together. We read together every day and now he is 2 he has started reading my words back to me. Story time is so special!

I wrote Twinkle Bunny to make our reading time even more special, picking characters he has seen and knows from the garden and in the fields, and thinking about how young minds like repetition and actions in the words they hear, and contrasts between black and white and colour in the images they see. 

Our mission is to support the development of young creative minds through the gift of storytelling.


When I found out that Christina was writing a story about a bunny, I couldn't wait to help. Drawing rabbits and wildlife is what I do as a profession as a fine art artist. This project has been so creative and led me in such a different direction - I've loved every minute of it!

Francesca's work can be found on her website at:


We always love to hear from our readers and followers. If there is something you would like to know more about please get in touch.

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